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Want to Know About World’s Most Unconventional Offices? Here’s the List

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Google workplaces around the globe are acclaimed for their inventiveness, sense of fun and color schemes. But it is not the only company that houses its staff in their most unconventional office space, there are many across the globe that have flair for unusual yet progressive workspaces. Want to know more about them, here is the list….

Facebook – Menlo Park, USA – It is a known fact that Facebook is the most employee-centric company and owing to this policy when the facebook thought of having an office space in Menlo Park, USA, they did not just follow what the boss needs and thought what was appropriate, each and every employee was consulted and taken feedback that resulted in an office space, which is fun, creative and comfortable. The office space house special place for relaxation, skating area and a mixing booth to practice DJing skills. You can even check photos of their office space on their Facebook post (isn’t it obvious).

Zappos – Las Vegas, USA – Another masterpiece from USA, Zappos, known as the largest online shoe retailer encourages employee individuality, which means every employee must give input on how he wants his cubicle or office and he/she will get his workspace as per his/her choice. This company culture means staff work at the most comfortable place while the office space achieves a great personality. The company does tours for outsiders, so if you are in that area don’t miss the chance to see it yourself, especially when you are a business owner and want to offer the same comfort to your staff and a unique personality to your office space.

Pallotta TeamWorks – Los Angeles, USA–Ooops!! Another stroke of genius from USA, Pallotta TeamWorks are the charity fund raisers. And for this particular office space they had a limited budget of about $40 a square foot (when the most modest budget would have been $80). The management knew the budget would not cover the air conditioning cost; hence exceptional measures were called for. In order to keep these costs at minimal, they created ‘breathing islands’ using tents and shipping containers. Such drastic measures along with the use of fresh colors made this office space both unique and sustainable.

Selgas Cano – Madrid, Spain – We all know that being in the lap of Mother Nature is good for all human beings, so as opposed to confining their employee contact with the nature to weekends, Selgas Canobrought their workplace into the woods. A tube shape building with one glass wall offer their employees to cherish the wildlife while working at their desks. Apart from the green environ, an extra advantage that makes the office unique and ecological is that the building is semi-submerged, which means improved insulation. The building has many windows that flood the workplace with natural light, causing a big drop in the utility bills.

ThinkGarden – Milan, Italy – As the name suggest, you might be thinking that the company office must be the host to as many plants as possible. And true to its name, this award-winning and high-quality business has acquired the outdoors to their workplace. The building resembles the Garden of Eden with walls that are lined with climbers and creepers, bushy shrubs, flowering trees, etc.; to complement this greenery, the floor and furniture colors are kept neutral and natural, which creates a stimulating and harmonious environment.

Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada– A standout amongst the most dominant media companies in Canada, Corus Quay is the proud occupier of the most sustainable workplace in Canada. The most noted attributes of this office include – green roof, green wall that acts as an insulator and air purifier, grey water recycling system, Adirondack chairs to soothe mind and soul while having dramatic views of Lake Ontario and lots of natural light. To achieve fun element, the office has big TVs, conference tables with shapes that resembles ice hockey rinks, and maximized use of bright colors. The office building also include two TV studios and a three-story slide.

Etsy – Brooklyn, USA– An online marketplace that allow people from across the globe to sell their arts and crafts, Etsy HQs in Brooklyn, USA is a quick reflection of its philosophy and inspiration. The reception area house stuff that is built with recycled items and the whole office space is designed craftily with homemade curtains, toys. The place also has a 9-feet tall owl made up of cardboard.

Pixar – Emeryville, USA – You would not expect any thing less than arty and inventive from an organization like Pixar. Much before the organization decided to move its operations to this building, the animators were asked to create office space for their own. Each employee was given the basics with financial and interior designing constraints for creating their own area. The results were marvelous, even Aladdin’s den of imagination went short.

Lego – Billund, Denmark – You can expect the imagination and fun employees of a toy company possess. Yes, the company encourages its staff to play with their fun products. But the office does have a fun environment for boosting employee productivity and imagination. The office space has a slide, non-Lego games, meeting rooms, colorful offices and lots of light.

Even if your current office space does not have a slide, you can still invest in a commercial office space that is unconventional, comfortable, all equipped and sustainable for all who work with you and work for you.

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