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Questions to Ask During Your Tour To Commercial Office Space in Noida

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personal satisfaction in that space. Before you look at your next potential space, ensure that you exactly know what and how much space you need for your business and what is your extended budget for this investment.

For the rest of the questions, here is your comprehensive list –

1) What is the visibility of my space to the outside world?

Visibility and exposure are the primary sources of business growth; hence it is important to ensure that the space you are selecting for your business operations is at a location where it can be seen. This includes – visibility from the road, yet it likewise relates to how accessible would be the space within a shared building. Would it be simpler for the guests and clients to reach to your space? Would it be effectively marked with the right amount of signage?

2)Is the space or even the overall property accessible for disabled visitors?

While most property developers have up their standards by catering to the needs of people with special needs, it is always important and advisable to double check. This does not just mean to have a ramp for wheelchair. It likewise means easy access to a lift, wide entry doors, designated and equipped washrooms, designated parking space, etc.

3) Who are the other operative businesses in the building?

While touring a commercial property that is located in a business park or a shared building, it is imperative to have information on your neighbors and there are various reasons for having first-hand on this information. For instance- your neighbor might pose a threat to your business if they are your direct competition. Yes, we started on a negative note, however your neighboring business could even be an angel in disguise if their products or services complement yours. It is also crucial when you are thinking about running cable and wiring works to set up your business in a new space.

4) Is there access to a service or freight lift?

For businesses that deal with products, moving hefty equipment is the work that needs to be done on a daily basis. For that a freight lift is extremely important to get this everyday job done efficiently without bothering the guests or employees by using guest or regular lifts for equipment transportation.

5) What is the developer’s build-out policy?

There is a decent probability that you might need to make a few changes to the space for it to suit your business needs. Which is why it is crucial to discuss this and get a clear picture of what is acceptable and what is not to your developer or the property owner, as far as build-out is considered.

6) Does the building have any structural damages?

As a buyer or a business owner, you might not have that trained eye to judge the quality of the structure. Hence, other than searching for signs like – cracked walls, ceilings or floors or dampness, it is advised to ask the question up front.

IMPORTANT TIP – select a newly constructed building and you don’t have to worry about developer’s honesty on this.

7) What is the state of the HVAC system?

Repairs with regard to HVAC system can be extremely costly, hence we suggest you to avoid getting affixed in these unexpected yet exorbitant repair bills by getting first-hand information and proofs on the condition of building’s HVAC system.

8) Is there a designated parking for the business employees and customers?

Parking plays an important selling point in almost every property type and it is even more important for office or business spaces. The last thing you want for your employees, clients, business partners are showing up late for their meetings and every day work because they were circling around the parking area trying to find a place to park.

9) Is there any fixed working hour protocol?

Businesses today run 24/7. Hence, asking about the after-hours protocol becomes extremely important not just because it directly affects the safety and security of your business and employees (of course there will be 24/7 camera surveillance and security personnel) but also because there might be employees or even business owners themselves who love to work at odd hours or on weekends.

10) Is the property wired to upkeep the ever-increasing business requirements?

Business spaces of today are far more improved than what they used to be. With the growing business needs, the need for having easy and quick access to Wi-Fi, reliable conference lines, high-speed broadband internet and other present and future technologies becomes even more important. And getting stuck in a commercial space in Noida, which does not have the caliber to support these various needs of your specific business can be a major cost to you.

Now that you know the right questions to ask as you tour potential properties, it’s time to get your search underway.

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