World Class Coworking Office Space in Noida

The demand for coworking spaces is growing with each passing day. More and more businesses are looking for a flexible mode of working in order to decrease expenses, boost agility and provide more choices to their teams. Anthurium offers coworking office space in Noida to help businesses improve productivity, allow employees to be more creative and focused.

Our coworking office space or popularly known as shared space gives entrepreneurs, SMEs, and freelancers easy entree to all the required facilities and advantages of modern office space without extra costs. Get ready to have a plug and play office space in Noida with exclusive amenities and services! Our coworking spaces have a combination of social and cooperative factors along with the features of a conventional workplace in a more supportive setting. It helps big organizations to find new talent and access to startups and new businesses with industry-changing ideas.

Our shared office space in Noida Sector 73 enables individuals to work independently in a workspace with common values and a distinct philosophy, and co-working culture is progressively being accepted by bigger organizations today.

What makes Anthurium’s Coworking Office Space In Noida special?

Co-working at Anthurium was created because we apprehended, right from the beginning, that there were a huge number of individuals like us needed that extra spice in their style of working. We realized that the best of ideas and best of work is done when you are in association with other best people. We got the understanding that if you are going to spend 8 to 12 hours of a day at a place, doing something productive, it should be in an environment that works for you, not against you. That is what coworking office space in Noida by Anthurium is all about.

The Anthurium effect

The Anthurium effect is the thing that happens when you put together smart, energetic, productive and innovative minds together in a curated space – Anthurium. Undeniably, it is incredible, it is the proof that working together brings better results. In Anthurium’s shared space, people get to know each other; after all they are a part of a community. They sit side by side, bump into each other over coffee, talk, connect and all these leads to something new and amazing.

Working at a Coworking space in Noida might be an idea, a product, a referral or a company. Many organizations came into being when people work closely at such an efficient shared space.

You can say that we have a secret sauce here. Communities working together create alliances and these alliances or partnerships create something pristine and geocentric. It is almost impossible to summon up the Anthurium effect on businesses – no body knows when or even why it happens. Yet it is happening and happening only at Anthurium.

Coworking Location Matter

Noida is a commercial hub in Delhi/NCR. Most investors and Real Estate owners look at Noida as a large prospect for commercialization and urbanization. There is a complete contribution from the authorities in making Noida a better place to live in. Be it dealing with the traffic jams, promoting cleaner roads or enhancing a greener environment, everything is being looked after with utmost care. Noida has paved the way for various hubs that include recreational activities, shopping complexes, multi-storeyed office buildings, as well as commercial spaces.

Coworking Office Space In Noida

Are you looking for a coworking space in Noida? Anthurium is located in Sector 73, Noida. This project witnesses immense progress where the construction of it is going on in full swing. If you plan to start a business, change the location of the current working space, wish to start with a new coworking space, then you have visited just the right platform. If you’re looking for a coworking office space in Noida, then this is the best place from where you can gather a large chunk of knowledge. You get introduced to a commercial project as per your priority, especially the ones that include co-working spaces.

A co-working space decreases expenses and improves the agility of the employees. The productivity of the employees increases as the environment initiates working in harmony. This helps to bring out the creative side that works best for the overall upliftment of the company. A co-working space brings out the best work in you when you interact and share the space with other best people.

Shared Office Space in Noida

The dynamics of Anthurium functions on the basis of an open mind and a keen interest in customer’s needs. The structure is created at par with a global lifestyle and surpasses the high expectations of consumers. The esteemed owners of Anthurium work towards an enhanced customer experience as complying with the success of our previous projects that have been appreciated well.

Paving way through the commercial competition, Anthurium has made space for itself in the industry and in the eyes of the customers. With some experience in the industry, It has reached a level where we understand the core need of the client. This place has been planned in such a way that it would consist of the best amenities and be built on the latest architectural model.

Here are the top benefits of Coworking office space in Noida – Anthurium

1. Flexibility –

One of the most favorable advantages of coworking spaces is that they empower organizations of all sizes to be adaptable and versatile. These spaces allow clients to have short-term or long-term leases and within these lease terms they have a variety of membership options available.

a) Professionals and companies can have access to professional business environment without investing huge money or committing to long-term leases.

b) Coworking spaces allow their clients to scale up or down depending upon their business needs.

c) Coworking spaces allow worker flexibility, which means you can have 24/7 access to your work space and work whenever you want.

2. Coworking communities –

The main value-proposition of a coworking space is its community. Also known as the founding pillars of coworking spaces, communities bring together freelancers, startups and companies, who would otherwise either work from home or from an isolated office building. Coworking spaces gets its vibe and feel from diversity, connections, access to new people, new culture that people of today could easily relate to.

3. Coworking networking –

Very similar to the community aspect, people working in coworking spaces come from diverse backgrounds and industries, which means a perfect ground for networking, meet people and make and nurture new bonding and relationships. Coworking spaces gives people the chance to make new friends, partners, potential team members and potential clients.

4. Wellness and mental health –

Loneliness is the biggest enemy of people today and coworking spaces help people in fighting this enemy with the help of like-minded people around them. Moreover, there are many coworking spaces that offer a variety of amenities and programs to fight this enemy, like – green spaces, spaces that are well illuminated with natural light, flexible schedules, onsite childcare and pet friendly spaces, mindfulness and yoga sessions, ergonomic office furniture for keeping the professionals fit and happy.

5. Location –

Most of the available coworking spaces are at city’s best locations, which means easy and short commutes. The coworking space location and amenities make it ideal for having client meetings or even spend time with family and friends.

6. Productivity –

Coworking spaces offer its clients with plug and play environment, which means they can start their work as soon as they enter the door. It is equally motivating to work at a space where others are working with great zeal, which improves ones’ productivity at work. Simply put, these spaces offer you such an environment where you get the facility to work and collaborate.

7. Work opportunities –

Again, it is all about communal diversity; Let’s assume you are a legal advisor who needs some assistance with advertising; you’ll likely to get services of a marketer within the coworking space or you might get in contact with someone who can introduce you to someone good at it. Similarly, if you are a content writer, a video producer or a law adviser, people around may need your services while working on a project. This means, it is easy to achieve potential clients and service providers among your coworking community.

8. Events and learning opportunities –

Most reputed coworking space providers offer a variety of events and learning opportunities for their esteem users. For instance –professional workshop during lunch hours, networking happy hours, yoga, wellness and meditation sessions, short conferences for bringing change to society, etc. all done by experts.

9. Work-life balance –

The first benefits of coworking spaces that we shared was ‘flexibility’, it is the flexible nature of coworking spaces that help people to achieve an ideal work-life balance, which otherwise is almost impossible to achieve. You can come and go at times that suits you the most. People working from home fail to separate their personal and professional life, having a space dedicated for their work will ensure that you can have dedicated time for both.

10. Amenities –

Another major selling point of coworking spaces is their never-ending lists of amenities. Along with the basic amenities that are available with any office building, like – WiFi, tea, coffee, meeting and conference rooms, printing and event managements, coworking spaces have taken their list of amenities to another level. For instance – onsite child care, gym memberships, concierge services, pet-friendly, roof-top restaurants, etc.

These were the major benefits, however two more benefits that we didn’t take into account are – Financial benefits and Talent attraction and retention. We have not discussed them in detail because most people know leasing coworking spaces is affordable and the long list of amenities attract and retain employees.

So, if you think your business needs some or all of these benefits, coworking spaces is the right for you and you should opt for it right away.

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