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Here Comes Christmas Again and Here We Are With Decoration Ideas for the Modern Office

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Traditional office space decoration for Christmas has been deemed by several employers (especially in MNCs and most innovative offices) as out of place in a modern and ‘diverse’ workplace. Despite the union and even some high-ranking protests against these ‘Scrooge pen pushers’, there may be some offices that would prefer to make their decorations look more professional than tinsel and bauble. A balance of professionalism and cheer is what they are looking for. Christmas is important in the lives of customers (and staff), and those doing business with them (or employers) will benefit from sharing in this holiday spirit.

It is possible to share the Christmas spirit with your customers without having to deal with tinsel. The idea is to take traditional Christmas colours and turn them into accents for the workplace and stationery. Or offices can use lights in unique ways to convey holiday cheer. Traditional décor elements can also be suited for the modern workplace simply with a modern twist.

Here are 4 ideas that can make the modern office remain professional with a muted and refreshing message of Christmas that is far easier to clean up afterwards than traditional ornaments. So, let’s get started…..

1. Use traditional colour accents – reds and whites

If you are doing a complete haul of your office space décor with Christmas around the corner, or are reprinting your stationery, you could consider making changes to the colours of your walls or your stationery headers.

Red, white and green are the colours you should go for – they automatically warm the room and can send out holiday cheer in December and be a fun space to work in the rest of the year.

If you don’t want such a big change, you could also have your letterheads printer for the month with modern Christmas motifs, such as a silhouette of bells or a fir tree. As far as possible, try and choose a motif that fits in with your brand image.

2. Use modern sculptures that suit your business office décor

Modern artists and sculptures have adapted traditional Christmas scenes such as the Nativity, or Santa and his reindeer, into modern styles and modern materials such as metal in iron and bronze finishes. Look for abstract pieces with minimal detail, and they are likely to fit in perfectly with your modern office space.

3. Look for modern twists on traditional décor

A modern contrast Christmas tree motif framed on the wall or even a corner of the office with a wall printed with modern styled Christmas motifs such as snowflakes, reindeer silhouettes, or mistletoe silhouettes can hint at a professional yet fun staff.

For a big shot business, the options are endless. For instance – There are plenty of modern Christmas tree styles available out there – such as the plywood tree created by Australian designer Buro North, or a non-traditional Cherry Blossom Christmas Tree by Asda. Tando Chipboard also has a contemporary Christmas tree that can double as an ornament; the Design Museum Shop and designer Giles Miller has a stunning eco-friendly cardboard tree with elements you can rearrange on a wooden stand to create your own tree shape.

4. Use Lights and Chandeliers for Effect

There are plenty of things you can do with lights (and chandeliers) that can work with your modern décor. American designer Lawrence Bud Stoker’s brain child at Modern Christmas is an easy-to-store and set up spiral tree hung with chandelier elements that can fit in with almost any kind of minimalistic space.

A use of neon or more energy-saving LED lights for a modern Christmas motif on the wall can also work. Large office buildings can use neon displays on their exterior and keep the interior clean. A large neon tree display can work well with this idea.

The possibilities are endless for office space decorations this Christmas. Offices trying to keep their spaces modern no longer have to worry about sloppy paper cut-outs and tacky décor or messy tinsel that invariably ends up in the trash every year in January. Modern décor elements can be more energy-saving and send a crisp yet friendly message out to those that enter the workplace.

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