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Maximize Sales with an Appealing and Well Staged Store

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Most people understand that a big part of the success of any retail store is the kind of items that the store carries and its location relative to its target market. But there are other, lesser known elements that can still have a huge impact on how well a store performs, such as the overall look of the store and how being in the store makes a customer feel. Environment, ambiance and decor play a huge part in retail success today.

Proper signage and outside advertising are crucial to attracting customers to shop in your store. Ideally, you should have a large, easy to read sign that tells people your store name, and a little about what kinds of products they can find inside your store. Make sure that your sign is visible from across the street to make it easier to locate for people driving by. If your store is open during evening hours, make sure that your sign is properly lit so it can be read when the sun goes down. Grab customer’s attention through Digital Signage – Stores have always invested in signs and they are the best ways to announce – discounts, sales and other tempting promotions. Sadly, it is both time consuming and expensive to design and print these signs every time you want to announce new promotion. These days plug and play digital signage software are available that makes it quick, easy and economical to announce discounts, advertise events and launch new product range on any TV screen. In addition to an eye-catching sign, having a clean and attractive exterior welcomes customers to shop in your store.

Make your window displays as attractive as possible. Your display windows are what is going to attract people to come inside and spend their money. Your windows will show your potential customers what you have inside and beckon them to investigate further. Windows are a part of your advertising campaign, so you must give them their due. Place your business name on them, your store hours and how to get in contact with you if you are not there. Add signage of when your sales are, who you carry and special discount offers. If eyes are windows to the soul, then your business windows are the heart of your business.

Lighting is one of the vital elements to creating the perfect mood in your store. Not only does it emphasize the items of your choice, it is fundamental to setting the overall tone of the space. Store fronts are accent pieces on their own, but when coupled with functional and purposeful lighting, the items will take on a life all of their own. This is especially important to consider if your store sells small or expensive merchandise that is behind a display case – like Jewellery. The customer relies on the lighting available to make an informed choice about their purchase.Store lighting needs to meet the following objectives:

1. Attract prospective customers as they pass by your store.
2. Entice them to enter the store.
3. Persuade them to purchase your merchandise.

Research has revealed that store lighting intricately installed with consideration of the above objectives will result in increased sales and ultimately increased profit for your retail store.

Retail lighting is said to form a big part of your store image. For example – a designer store selling clothing or Jewellery items would use more of a sophisticated lighting system for highlighting their product appearance, while a dollar store owner will prefer fluorescent lighting throughout his store.

The overall design and layout of your store is critical to its success. If customers can not readily access the items of their choice, they are likely not going to purchase them. Most stores find success with placing newer items in the front. Not only does it draw customers into the store, but these items are typically the most expensive and best-selling. Organization is critical to creating a store that a customer can easily navigate without getting frustrated. For instance, clothing stores should group various types of garments (pants, shirts, etc.) with each other. Grouping items by color is another great way to help customers find their way around the merchandise.

Hence, it is vital to pay attention to the overall appearance attributes (display, lighting, signage, etc.) of your retail store in order to reap benefits for your retail business.

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