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Benefits of Including a Green Space in a Commercial Landscaping Design Plan

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It might seem like an extravagance but there are definite benefits to having a garden or a green belt or space as an interior landscaping feature in a place of work. True, it might not be suitable in some places, where space is the concern, but for those companies with sufficient space, there are definite reasons to consider the investment.

There are an almost-infinite number of options when it comes to designing a garden area, especially when space is of little concern. The magnificent garden examples in homes and country estates are, of course, of little use in an office block but talented landscape designers can make the most of even small unused areas.

Of course, aesthetics is never the core motive behind any kind of commercial interior or exterior landscape design. Even corporate flowers, either in a bouquet or in a vase in a boardroom, says something about the company. This is always taken into account, but still the opportunity to create a highly impressive green area in the form of a garden is there. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Making An Impression – First of all, a garden in a commercial building can make a very positive impression, not just to the employees arriving for work but also on clients and prospective clients who might arrive for vital meetings. The fact is that gardens attract the eye, especially when they are luscious in contrast to its urban surrounds, or have a calming water feature constantly flowing.Indeed, besides suggesting a link to nature and a positive eco-friendly ethos, it also reflects a confidence in what the company does. In this way, the company image is enhanced considerably and the ability to attract more clients, and build client confidence even further, is strengthened.

2. Productive Meetings – Research has shown that working in a greener office environment has a host of positive effects, including creativeness, greater levels of concentration and a general positive feeling. What this means is that productivity increases and progress is made even on the most difficult strategic business plans.Taking a meeting in the company garden, however, enhances whatever effect the array of office plants can have. After all, in the garden the meeting attendees are immersed in nature, surrounded by refreshing greenery and even inspired by cool water flowing over pebbles. The result is better ideas, higher level of cooperation and an overall more enjoyable, as well as productive, business meeting.

3. Luxurious Lunching – Of course, a good place to put a garden is right next to the company canteen. That way, lunch can be a much more attractive experience, moving beyond the fact that hunger is satisfied and into the realm of luxury lunching. The benefit of lunching in a garden atmosphere is that employees feel more nourished and, therefore, more refreshed.This is closely associated with the effect plants have regardless, but coupled with a satisfied appetite, the effect is greater.

4. Escapism At Break Time – Even at break time, when staff take 10 minutes away from their work to recharge their batteries, a garden has a far greater impact that a simple yard where brick walls are all there is to look at. Research has shown that the quality of the surroundings during break time can impact on the quality of the break itself. This explains why simply stopping work is not considered enough, but getting away from a desk and moving outdoors is highly recommended.A garden is about as different to an office scene as there can be, so workers can remove themselves not just physically, but psychologically from their work. This means that the break is complete, and the time spent away provides the maximum benefit.

The expertise that landscape designers boast means a host of possibilities can be explored before any garden plan is decided upon, and even if a garden is actually plausible. And while the cost is certainly more than a simple collection of corporate flowers on a boardroom table, or in the company reception area, it can be highly effective.

As landscaping goes, there are not many more impressive, refreshing or inspiring options than an office garden. And that office productivity, staff relations and company image all benefit in the process, it is hard not to acknowledge that it can be worthwhile.

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