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How to Achieve a Perfect Color Scheme for Your Workspace Fit out?

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One of the most important and fundamental decisions to be made when planning a new office fit out is the combination of colors to be used throughout the workplace. Although the choice of colors to be used in fit out is only an aesthetic consideration, and may be secondary to functional considerations such as the choice of desking systems, the use of colors in the workplace has a significant impact on the general mood and atmosphere of the office. When formulating a color scheme for your office fit out there are a number of factors to consider.

What mood do you want? – The use of warm colors in the fit out of the office significantly directs the mood of your employees. Warm tones, such as beige or golden brown, will give your office fit out a comfortable and mellow feel, encouraging friendly interaction in the workplace. Cooler tones, such as blue and pale greys, can encourage a quieter and more efficient atmosphere.

Consider texture – Although color provides a significant contribution to the mood of a workplace, it is not the only factor. In a successful fit out color of the office is matched to texture to create interesting and engaging backdrops to the main activity of the office. Traditionally, warm tones are matched with natural surfaces such as timber, cool tones with smooth metallic or frosted glass surfaces. Textiles, in the form of furniture upholstery or even artwork can be a great way to introduce both striking color and texture into an office fit out.

Artwork – While a color scheme can be effectively worked into an office fit out using only the furniture, partitions and bare walls, a great way to introduce color into the fit out is through choosing artwork to decorate the workplace with. Artwork should be chosen to reflect the values of the company, as well as the public personality of the company. The look of the fit out is immediately uplifted with the striking use of artwork, especially if it is particularly relevant to the company, or represents the company in a new way.

Whatever choice you make for the color scheme for the fit-out at your office, it is important to consider your choices carefully and to at all costs avoid a dull workplace interior that fails to inspire employees. Bright colors such as yellows, oranges or turquoise can bring an optimistic mood to an office fit out but can be difficult to use.

Some extra tips to bring out your business’s creativity in your office fit out.

Work with the space you have

If you are lucky enough to have an office in a beautiful and impressive modern sky rise, you should take advantage of your unique space in your fit out. Even if there is nothing noticeably exceptional about your building, you should be able to find some special qualities to accentuate with your creative design, such as an unusually shaped space or a picturesque view. This shows that your business is not only creative, but also resourceful.

Invite the natural world in

If you are an observer, you must have noticed the recent trends of living walls. They are hanging gardens that look just like a riotous wild meadow or murky swamp turned sideways and stuck to the wall. Living walls have been used to great effect in reception foyers for many large companies. While this might be a little ambitious for the average office fit out, using succulents in colorful clay plots or even quirky terrariums is a great way to express your dynamic creativity.

Express your personality

The most important ingredient in your office fit out is your own design aesthetic. Blindly following directives from some random interior designer or from any magazine won’t suffice the purpose, asthey will fail for sure in adequately expressing who your company is and what it does for the community. Instead, you should allow the personality and life of your business shine through the office fit out.

Reputed developers maintain teams of educated and thorough professional color consultants and/or interior designers who can give professional advice on achieving the mood you want for your commercial office space fit out.

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