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Does Your Business Has A Disaster Recovery Plan?

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A broken pipe, a fire in the office, flooding, an earthquake, a tsunami, or another natural disaster – a lot of things can effectively shut down your office. Your company may have an emergency evacuation plan for when a crisis first occurs, but then what? Does your company have a plan for where employees will work while your regular office space is being repaired? Read on to learn about creating a disaster recovery plan for your office.

You may think the biggest part of experiencing a fire, flood or another disaster in your office space is getting everything repaired, but think again! For most businesses, the biggest concern after ensuring all employees are safe is the loss of income and keeping clients satisfied during downtime. And according to the recent survey report by a Government lead agency, 25 percent of all businesses that close down following a disaster never reopen. So, unless you create a back-up plan, you risk losing your entire business or company!

Most companies or office buildings have insurance that will cover any damages, but while you’re waiting for repairs the most important thing is the implementation of a disaster recovery plan and getting back up and running as soon as possible. You need a plan that will enable your company to be operating again in hours, not days or weeks.

Once you have accounted for all of your employees, you need to find shared, coworking or virtual office space for lease or rent. As part of your disaster recovery plan you should have already researched somewhere to relocate your office space in the event of a disaster. There are many virtual office reviews online that make it fast and easy to find temporary office space, or simply search for “office space for rent” to find locations near you.

Most virtual office locations can have a company set up in an office space within a few hours, so that company can recover from the disaster as well as to continue on with the day-to-day business that needs to be done until they begin to fully recover. This means no downtime and your company continues to generate revenue. Most office spaces for rent offer options for private office spaces or team environments, and provide total back-up support, including

A) For Virtual Office Spaces:

> Dedicated business phone number

> Professional receptionist responding to the calls on client’s behalf

> Corporate mailing address

> Meeting rooms

> Business fax number

> Fax forwarding to email

> Call forwarding to numerous phone numbers

> Voice mail forwarding to email

> Corporate voice mailboxes

B) For Coworking Office Space or Shared Office Space

> Complete Office Equipment and Devices, such as PCs, Modems, Printers, Scanners

> Office Furniture, tables, and chairs

> Fully furnished Meeting rooms and conference halls with hardware equipment like – screens, projectors, etc.

> Communication devices, such as telephone, fax machine, and answering machine

> Reliable Internet Connection

> Security Cameras / Personnel

> Cleaning Personnel

> Maintenance Service

Having details of reputed developers offering such elaborative spectrum of services that too with just a call is imperative for every business. Safe keep their details as part of your business disaster recovery plan.


Don’t let an emergency situation put you out of business. Develop a disaster recovery plan with arrangements for where you will set-up your new office space and get back up and running in no time at all.

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