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Amazing Retail Store Design Concepts from the Professionals

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The minute buyer step into your store, those initial couple of moments they take to check out the surroundings will determine whether they will stay and shop or not. This is the reason the layout of a retail store is so important in fetching huge sales.

Fortunately, you needn’t bother with heaps of cash to invest and design your retail store. All you need to do is plan and use even the minimal budget WISELY and you can bring out a retail store that has a full potential to attract shoppers. Hence, if you are looking for some store design ideas and tips, read on and get first-hand concepts from experts.

Let’s get started….

1. Grab customer’s attention through Digital Signage – Stores have always invested in signs and they are the best ways to announce – discounts, sales, and other tempting promotions. Sadly, it is both time-consuming and expensive to design and print these signs every time you want to announce a new promotion. These days plug and play digital signage software are available that makes it quick, easy and economical to announce discounts, advertise events and launch new product range on any TV screen.

2. Opt for Greener windows and walls displays – Try and incorporate environment-friendly or green walls into the store at the point of sale location, fixed merchandising areas and windows displays. These novel elements provide a close connect with Mother Nature and it requires very little maintenance. Concepts like Garden on the Wall is an amazing system that allows store owners to maintain plants that require less water, sunlight and/or soil inside the store. Recent surveys have concluded that retail customers prefer businesses that incorporate green attributes in their store to be worthy of prices as high as 25%.

3. Play light and soothing Background music –When considering design attributes for a retail store, it is also vital to consider the type of music, the volume, how it will sound across the store and how customers will react to it. Again, researches have proved that music plays a key role and have a direct effect on shopping behavior, hence it is vital for every owner to pay attention to.

4. Have Shoppers Walk a Defined Path – Having a defined and well-thought path will make a visit to your store pleasant and relaxed for the shoppers. There are two reasons for this – controlled and well-directed traffic and secondly, more product exposure. Make sure your shoppers get rewarded with quick product search with attention-grabbing displays while they follow the path prescribed by you.

5. Include an Accent Wall in your store – One way of attracting customers and making your store look large is by painting one wall of your store as an Accent wall. Since we are using the word paint it does not mean that accent wall can only be painted, there are different things and techniques available like – putting bright and patterned tiles, wallpapers or printed fabric to achieve the same spacious store.

Important Tip- you need to balance the rest of the store décor with neutral and subtle colors.

6. Fine-tune the store lighting – Changing the store bulbs is the cheapest and quickest renovation trick. People today have a great fascination for recycling and re-purposing items, make use of your creativity and create interesting highlights and accents that draw shopper’s attention towards your store. For instance – try using old bike rim as a chandelier.

7. Add Mirrors – Apart from the accent wall, another option that will make your store look larger than its actual size is through the use of Mirrors. One option where to use mirror is alongside a window. With proper angle having a mirror by the window will incorporate the outdoor environment into your store and it would be great if you have greenery or fountain or pool outside your store. Another option is to include mirrors around the shelf, this way customers can try small accessories there and then without them rushing to dressing rooms every time they like any item.

8. Include Abstract Art into your store décor – The best example of how to incorporate art into your store can be seen in one of the china’s women clothing boutique, where they have used 820 feet long pink pipe twisting creatively all the way through the store like abstract art. The same is not only aesthetically pleasing but serves as a great storage medium, making the store eye-catching and interesting for its customers.

9. Add Faux panels – Contemplating texture to your store design will allow you to achieve a vibrant look for your store. Using faux panels instead of stone or brick materials will definitely cut cost. Also, faux panels are available in different designs, styles, colors, and textures. Pick the one that is the closest match to your product and brand.

Over To You

These were a few budgeted store design ideas; incorporate them as per your taste and business requirement. However, one thing that we will like to repeat is the fact that the design of your store will tell customers how much efforts and value you have put into your store and business and in turn will attract them towards your store knowing the worth of your business. It is vital that you don’t put resources in a hurry, take time and find your inspiration before designing your store and it will certainly pay off.

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