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Anthurium Office Space in Noida – Teaching Businesses To Green Your Office and Go Paperless!

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From the smog that covers the blue yonder every day to the ever-prevailing global warming scenario, it is time to lend a helping hand toward saving Mother Earth. There is a huge fuss about Green Homes, Green Cars, Green Technology and the like; yet how many businesses work towards a Green Office Space? If not, it is imperative that businesses start shredding paper and ‘go green’; by following the tips listed below that range from selecting a project like – Anthurium Office Space in Noida for your office that is Biophilic, incorporating waste paper management to using a recycled type. After all, incorporating green and going without a physical document are a few handiest methods to achieve the benefits of the GREEN movement.

Let’s get started with the most basic tips-

1) Use Wi-Fi and the Internet – This is the age of the ‘Information Technology Revolution’ where the digital world can be used much more effectively than hard copies and books. Instead of boasting about having a well-stocked library, techies, medical institutes, banks and law firms can opt for online libraries as is the growing trend throughout the world. Through proper Wi-Fi and Internet usage, almost any manual or book that is required can be found without having to buy a hard copy version. Online books and e-Readers are the first steps to joining the ‘Go Paperless Revolution.’

2) Have Reliable Back-up – Not having a hard copy would mean running an office without the usual printing, posting, writing and dispatching. All of these can be done with greater speed and flair on advanced computers. Creating a suitable back-up memory and upgrading it with chips and disc drives for the minutest of details to be digitally stored which is great for the smooth functioning and organization of an office.

3) Use Scanners and Create PDF Files – Instead of circulating incoming paperwork and gathering receipts and other such documents, any paper can be scanned and the original discarded. By providing a high-signal LAN connection to all office employees, a scanned document in PDF form that can be easily accessed, stored and referenced can be created.

4) Use Double-Sided Printers – It is understood that no office can completely do away with paper in every form; some hard copy versions are essential to make reports and similar items. When that is necessary, make use of contemporary printers that print double-sided copies to reduce paper usage and help in conserve the environment in a small way. For offices new to the ‘Going Green’ phenomenon, this particular measure is a good way to become accustomed to this idea.

5) Opt for Recycled Version – If there are offices that truly cannot go without a physical document, it is crucial for them to learn to rely on recycled types; this durable ‘green’ version is made by re-processing used ones to make it fully compatible with the environment. For the paper connoisseur, this type might not be as appealing as non-recyclable paper and might even be a tad expensive, but when the future of the environment is at stake, businesses can indeed work along with everyone else to help safeguard the planet.

Going paperless has immense benefits: there is less clutter in the workplace; information is better organized and accessible, and there is the ultimate satisfaction of going green and contributing to the effort to save Mother Earth!

People might think that going paperless is the thing that must be done by businesses; it is true but not 100% true. Businesses, if invest with projects that follow the basic concepts of going Green, will have techniques already implemented in their office spaces, which means they just have to teach their employees in following what is already been delivered to them by the developer. For instance – Anthurium, with its advance co-working office space in noida offers its clients the benefits of highly efficient equipment that help businesses to achieve all the points mentioned above without investing hugely on technology.

Besides offering technology to implement the above points, this time the Anthurium’s go green practice has gone much beyond keeping a few potted plants at the window pane. The project is handling the planet’s issues indispensably through renewable energy sources, green web hosting, carbon offsets, locally sourced food, and greywater recycling.

All you as a business owner has to do is invest in project Anthurium and you will contribute your share of GOOD to the Mother Nature.

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