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The Corenthum, Then I-Thum and Now Anthurium – Mastering Success. Exclusive bytes with Ashok Choudhary

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As the construction designers’ ideas and concepts become more creative, revolutionary and hi-tech building spaces impeccably combined with the lush green environment take you beyond your imagination. Anthurium is such a futuristic commercial building leveraging the power of IoT or internet of things, BIM or building information modeling, cloud analytics, and energy modeling.

Ashok Choudhary, with 28 years of experience in the construction field shared their views on his latest endeavor, Anthurium IT Business Park in Noida. After the success of futuristically designed buildings, the Corenthum, IThum, the builders came up with a new project called Anthurium, situated at Noida 73. He expressed his views and stated, “Our high-tech commercial structures provide future-proof, high performing assets for business owners. Anthurium is designed efficiently to reduce energy costs and decrease carbon emissions.”

As an intelligent building, Anthurium has some of the most advanced technology deployed inside such as digital and eco-friendly infrastructure, LED light system, advanced security systems, mechanical parking, VRV, and high-speed lifts.

This future-ready IT business park is thoroughly a platinum rated green structure to balance the atmosphere in and around the building. The Anthurium is focused on revolutionizing the core concept of current commercial property segment and architecting state-of-the-art work experience. The structure systematically follows international quality standards to ensure that they offer commercial space, finished with high-quality resources with the right landscaping and finishing.


The building is well-planned and designed with high-class AI ready digital workspaces, helping people to customize their space according to their business needs. This next-gen futuristic commercial structure is perfect for BPO, KPO, multi-national companies, and corporates.


Anthurium Business Park has a state of the art security system, according to the IHAs standard with the outstanding CCTV and surveillance system, providing businesses the most secure work environment for their staff.


Anthurium is a masterpiece in several terms including a clean and pure environment. The building has a big green pasture with neat and fresh surroundings. As lots of greeneries are there, the entire area is quite pollution free.


The Anthurium building is made using the level 5 BMS guidelines to regulate its electrical and mechanical equipment such as power system, lighting, fire systems, security and ventilation systems.


The commercial property in Noida provides the ideal blend of work and joy by helping individuals to have easy access to branded retail shops, cafeteria, rooftop restaurants and other areas in the building. The building provides an excellent environment for you to meet your friends, work in digital offices and shop from renowned brands.

In addition to high-tech offices, the Anthurium Business Park also has a health club, fitness, yoga and spa center to aid individuals find an excellent work-life balance. To employees and guests, the building also provides a perfect environment for recreational and fitness activities. The Anthurium is expected to be in the list of highly esteemed business places in Noida.

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