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What Color Scheme Does Your Office Need?

Colors play a vital role in many aspects of our modern live sand not simply in the work environment. From the colors of the phone, you carry or car you drive to the socks and shirt you put on every day, color decisions are made – whether intentionally or unintentionally. Subconsciously, colors showcase our personality and how we want to see things and how it makes us feel.

As experts delivering famous and reputed office space projects like – Anthurium Noida, we realize the fact that office color psychology not just influences the manner in which your employees or coworkers work and how beneficial they can be, however, it additionally influences how visitors (especially clients) see and assess your business, so it is fundamental to pick colors for your office space that will satisfactorily introduce you to your audiences (both internal and external) alike.

What does Office Color Psychology actually mean?

Office Color Psychology centers around our subconscious responses to different colors around us or more specifically in the office space (since we are discussing office spaces here). These colors around us influence emotion, state of being, and behavior. Certain colors help towards achieving well-being and productivity, while others neutralize us, chopping off our concentration and disrupting our general flow of peace and achievements.

This blog addresses the overall impact (good and bad) of certain colors on the human psyche. So, let’s get started —

1. White

Symbolizes cleanliness and purity; a safe and sure bet, however at times safe is also considered uninspiring and boring to be precise. And nobody like that trait but then it is important to welcome clarity and crispness white brings to space.

Hence, it is advised to use white in wide-open spaces and kitchen break-out areas, which require a decent clean and glossy finish. Be that as it may, remember to downplay it! Nobody wants to have office space interiors that look like hospital interiors, which clearly is not the best way to attract business.

2. Black

Emanates feelings of control and authority, however it also sucks up natural light, so be cautious! People consider black a rather mysterious color that has a sinister feeling, yet the color has the capacity to transform space into luxurious elegance when used complementing other shades.

3. Purple

A color of luxury, royalty, and aspiration. The color purple stand for that smooth and polished touch, with an air of magic and mystery: Abracadabra! In spite of this, purple is additionally considered to be artificial and fake, mainly because of its rare presence in nature.

4. Green

Embody growth and balance. Green is the color that connects us back to the Mother Nature. The most ideal approach to bring green into your office space is through green walls and pruned plants. But green require regular maintenance. Mini jungles are becoming famous these days.

5. Blue

Frequently connected with stability and depth, it communicates a reliable and genuine outlook, at the same time boosting intellectual thought and relaxation. Different shades of blue epitomize trust, embody heaven and of extreme importance to both mind and body. There is nothing in the world, that blue can’t do!!

6. Red

Invokes and raises mental energy and passion, then again, the color is overpowering and might lead to health issues, the common of all is the headache. It is best to use red in furnishings, as a highlighter and giving your interiors a nice bit of spice and flavor. Red is also associated with increased respiration rate, raised blood pressure and enhanced metabolism. Thus, helping the employees to work up a sweat.

7. Yellow

Considered the best color for office space, as the brighter tones enhance happiness and positivity. It is also recommended for areas of teamwork. The color yellow stimulates and generates mental activity and muscle energy. Funnily enough, the color also reminds employees of food.

8. Orange

Need some kind of metal stimulation and encouragement? Don’t go anywhere, just be around color orange. The color of the youth, it a great influencer of success, determination, and happiness. Considered highly visible, it is a color of attraction. Designers make use of orange to highlight the most important aspects of their designs.

Now that we have discussed important traits of almost every color, it is time to know what color should be in your office space.

Since we are talking about color psychology, we will say that it is prescribed to paint your office space with colors like – green, blue and white (go back and read the traits, so you will know why we are recommending these colors). These are the coolest and safest colors for your workplace.

Bold colors like – red, yellow and black can also be used but as an accent, for instance – in a breakout space or on a feature wall, as they can be overpowering and overwhelming when used in abundance.

So, there you have our secret. The astounding power of color and how it can transform your workspace and workability.

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