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Significant and Exciting Office Space Ideas

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One thing most business owners overlook when establishing a business is the office space design. In most cases, the majority of the budget is set for the cost of purchasing the space and business equipment. Even though usually less is set aside for furnishings and design, office space furnishings and design aspects should be given importance, as it can greatly affect the performance of the business.

Studies show that the way an office looks has a significant impact on the performance of a business. The look of the space directly affects the moods of the employees and their level of concentration, thus affecting productivity. In the same way, how the area looks can also affect the mood and the perception that the client has of the business. For example, a strategically furnished and decorated business establishment can convey quality service and reliability when compared to a plain design. For this reason, it is advisable for businesses to carefully consider the design of their place of business.

Choosing Color- The color of office space has a huge impact on the mood and feeling it conveys to its occupants. Consider the room size when choosing the color of the interior. A dark color may have a professional appeal; however, the use of dark colors can make a room look smaller than it actually is. On the contrary, lighter colors help make a small room look bigger.

It is also important to consider the type of work being done in the location when choosing a color. For example, if the business is involved in work that requires visual creativity, then choosing a contemporary set of colors could help stimulate ideas from workers and build creativity. On the contrary, if the work being done is more on the clerical side, then workers might find the color variation distracting. Additionally, accent the walls with murals that are related to the business.

Choosing Lighting- Lighting is another element that makes a significant impact on the way a business establishment looks. The lighting that is available for office use ranges from natural light to fluorescent and decorative lighting. In choosing the type of lighting, consider the type of work that is being done inside the area. If workers deal with visually demanding tasks and a lot of paperwork with fine print, then a bright light such as a fluorescent light will be best for the job. If work is done using a computer, then less lighting will be required in each cubicle. If the area is equipped with large glass windows, then natural light can be used.

Planning Office Layout- Part of the design of a space is its layout of rooms and fixtures. In planning the layout, always keep functionality and aesthetics in mind. The arrangement should remain visually appealing; however, it should also encourage work efficiency. For example, asymmetrical cubicle arrangement might seem the most efficient, but it can look restrictive and linear. A good layout should have a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Choosing Office Furnishings- A business’s furnishings, such as desks and chairs, are equally as important in the overall design of the space. When choosing desks and chairs, it is important to have a balance between aesthetics and functionality. For example, an office chair should complement the color of the walls and carpeting to achieve a professional appeal, yet it should still be comfortable enough to allow workers to sit for long hours.

The same thought process should be given to desks. Their visual design should be given great consideration, and the desk should blend well with the theme of the office, but it should also be well equipped to handle all required functions. Additionally, the size of the furnishings should also fit the size of the interior space. Space can look cluttered and cramped with inappropriately sized furnishings.

These are just some of the important and interesting office space ideas that businesses can use in creating an appealing and efficient office space.

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