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Coworking and Its Connection with Mental Health

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Lack of socializing has proved out to be a big reason contributing towards ill health and it has topped the list with smoking, obesity and high blood pressure holding positions next to it. In contrast to this, having strong social connections leads to improved and strengthened immune system and thus boosting the chances of longevity. Connections likewise support mental health and wellness, together with lowered levels of anxiety and depression.

A recent research by Dr. Seppala pointed out that people who are social and are more connected to others, have greater empathy for others, higher self-esteem, are more cooperative and trusting and as a result people around them are more open to them and cooperate with them at all fronts. Which means, social connectedness creates a positive feedback circle of emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

Co-working might not be the ultimate solution or cure for every thing but it contributes substantially to social connection, improved wellness and decreased loneliness.

Coworking and Social Connection

In keeping with the recent study done by Emergent Research and Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC), it has been established that –

1. 87% of people using coworking, report meeting other coworking space users for social reasons.

2. 82% of people using coworking reported that this system of coworking has extended their business or professional networks.

3. 54% of respondents said they party and socialize with other coworking members (from same or different companies, work stream, etc.) after work and/or weekends.

The research additionally determined that working in a co-working environment is an excellent and quickest way to develop and boost feeling of wellness, the closest percentage of respondents who admitted that they are happier and contended with the amount of work and efforts they are putting in their professional life is as high as 89% and similarly about 83% responded that they feel less lonelyafter joining coworking spaces.

A recent study and article on how employees thrive in their field of work found that people working in a coworking environment flourish exponentially, with an average of six on a seven-point scale.

Coworking for Everyone

Regardless of unlimited exposure, engagement and social interaction that takes place in some of the most reputed and highly efficient coworking spaces, not every worker or person is comfortable in an environment that is defined under a tag of “high energy workspace”. However, for reasons unknown, coworking environments has the potential to be accessible and workable for anybody and everybody.

At the point when asked whether they consider or group themselves as more introverted, extroverted or ambivert (mixture of both intro and extro), about half of them responded to a global survey with an ambivert. One in 5 considered themselves as introvert and one in 3 as extrovert.

The global survey also disclosed a few other findings detailing about people behavior with regard to introvert, extrovert and ambivert in coworking spaces –

1. People who are introvert like to work and enjoy in small and relaxed spaces.

2. However, introvert members do not enjoy isolation.

3. A significant number of introverted coworking members decided without any pressure and with their own accord to have their working setup at a coworking space.

4. Members considering themselves as extrovert feel a strong connection and bond to their coworking community.

5. Coworking spaces help in boosting the self-esteem of both extrovert and introvert members.

6. Ambivert members are the ones who love coworking spaces to their maximum capacity, coworking spaces are rated highest by them.

Happier and Healthier Coworking Members

Coworking spaces are all occupied with independent professionals, remote workers, self-employed and freelancers. Again, in a recent study, it has been established that self-employed people are happier, healthier and does not have any thoughts of returning to their regular jobs anytime soon.

Be your own boss kind of people are surveyed and it has been found that these people report high levels of health and happiness, which also includes –

1. 96% people with no desire to return to the old-fashioned job environment.

2. 7 out of 10 people said they feel better work-life balance

3. 61% said they will have no regrets and feel achievement even if their professional life ends today

4. 54% said they feel healthier

5. 55% said they feel less stressed

6. 27% said they get sufficient time to travel or even spend more time outdoors on daily basis.

Coworking and Mental Wellness

Self-employment or independence at work has its own set of benefits on individual’s happiness and wellness, which are proved time and again – and coworking environment is a new way that further enhances workspace wellness.

When you consider that coworking also increases productivity and addresses the biggest challenges of remote work, there are plenty of reasons to give it a try.

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