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Showcasing A Cooler Point of View On Hot Desking and Its Benefits

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What are the factors that need to be considered when looking at hot desking? This blog looks at the definition and factors involved in this type of working model.

What is hot desking? – The provision of shared working space, where desks, PC, telephone are provided on an ‘as-required’ basis not on a ‘one-to-one’ basis. With the growth of mobile services, hot desking can also include the routing of voice and other messaging services to any location where the user is able to log in to their secure corporate network. Therefore, telephone numbers, email and instant messaging can be routed to their location on the network and no longer to just one physical desk.

Why should I consider hot desking?

1. Most office desks are used 60% of a working day, with 4 hours being the maximum time an individual is likely to occupy a seat continuously.

2. The cost of providing a desk in metro cities is quite HIGH.

So, we can see that if an organization is looking to expand or can reduce accommodation costs, hot-desking offers real savings.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Hot desking can be a very effective part of a DR plan, as the area required for emergency accommodation can be general and will not require a large amount of time to setup. If the DR plan is also run on a ‘hot desking’ basis, costs can again be reduced, as your staff will not need a dedicated desk, reducing the number of seats required and increasing the usage of the desks to more key staff.

What styles of hot desking are available?

Two styles are possible, which can be used together or on their own;

Traditional – Desks in a standard configuration, with storage areas. Services to desks, telecoms and computer services. Printers/fax/copier services provided to desking area.

Informal – No formal desks, seating area with wireless, telecoms and computer services. (Users will access services via a mobile phone or laptop). Storage boxes for individuals that can be accessed and returned to a general holding area. Printers/fax/copier services provided to single location within easy reach.

What do I need in a hot desking area?

As a guide the following areas would need to be considered;

1. Computer services – Ability to connect laptop (data connection, power connection) or PC.

2. Telecommunications – Telephone services, which could be allocated by the user logging on to the computer terminal or services.

3. Office services – Copier, printer, scanner etc.

4. Work area – Work area for non-computer-based work.

5. Storage and filling areas – Personal storage or shared facilities.

6. Meeting area – For client or team meetings.

7. Facilities – Toilet areas, drink or food vending.

8. Booking system – A receptionist or on line facilities to check availability and book desks or meeting rooms.

Benefits Of Hot Desking

There are a number of benefits to hot-desking in the workplace.

1. The number one benefit is the saving of space. It has been proven that when you maximize the space saved by hot-desking workstations, an office can reduce their size by almost 30 to 40%. This comes from the lack of extra desk space. Some people feel this helps make an office environment friendly.

2. Hot Desking’s ability to instill employee autonomy. HD can increase the application of an employee’s functionality in the workplace. This can enable them to work more efficiently and with much more confidence than normal. All this comes from the ability afforded by the hot-desking for an employee to work where they want when they want. This can help add to the overall efficient cycle of the workplace.

3. HD can give each employee a chance to be more active in the workplace. This is to help the employees be able to interact with their own fellow coworkers on a more professional level. Hot-desking moves employees all over an office and allows them to work and deal with other people whom they would probably not have the chance to experience if they were in a stagnant positioned cubicle.

Even though hot-desking is not a recent idea it is however rather unconventional in the workplace and some management frown upon the idea, citing that some of the drawbacks do not justify the benefits. It has been proven in the last ten years that offices which use the HD concept in the workplace have employees who suffer from less stress in their work environment. Also, employees tend to be more anxious to go to work in the morning and happy employees are productive employees. Hot-desking has done nothing but shown the idea can benefit a business overall and should be employed if possible, in your business.

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