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5 Serviced Commercial Office Space Advantages for the Business Owners

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Entrepreneurs or start-up owners have just as much in need to rent serviced office space as larger companies with many employees. As a matter of fact, an entrepreneur working on their own may have even more needs and advantages to renting out serviced office space. Even though we are focussing on the below-mentioned five top benefits, but many entrepreneurs will find many other benefits that apply to their individual circumstances.

Adv #1: Administrative or Secretarial support is typically provided as part of the rent.

Most entrepreneurs (start-ups or small-scale businesses) cannot afford to pay a full-time secretary or administrative assistant. Yet, they don’t necessarily have a lot of time to devote to these duties. Working from a serviced office that provides some access to secretarial or administrative personnel is a great way to get some of the paperwork and lighter duties of the business handled without providing insurance, workspace, and other benefits to administrative personnel.

Entrepreneurs needing this type of service should make sure the amount of help they will need is provided by the serviced office suite they select. In most cases, administrative personnel will be shared with other businesses also using the serviced office suites in that location.

Adv #2: The feel and look of a real office is provided without the real expenses.

There are a lot of heavy expenses involved with running an office. For the entrepreneur who doesn’t have other employees, it isn’t really worth paying those expenses for their one-man operation. A serviced office is the best compromise since they get the feel of a real office without paying all of the overhead that would otherwise be required.

Adv #3: Shorter leases can be secured.

Entrepreneurs may not have a need to rent office space for an entire year or they may be unsure of their ability to pay for office space in the long term. This is why the shorter lease terms offered by most serviced office suites is desirable. They can have the office space needed today without making a heavy financial commitment they may not be able to uphold tomorrow.

Adv #4: Entrepreneurs are more productive when they go to work outside their home every day.

Many entrepreneurs have the ability to work out of their home, but they find they are far less productive than if they work in outside office space. The problem can be family members that think they are available all the time since they are home or it may be the entrepreneur’s own distraction or inability to buckle down and work consistently. Either way, it helps to rent a serviced office to get out of the house at times when productivity is desperately needed.

Adv #5: Space can be used temporarily if there is not a need for a daily workspace.

Some entrepreneurs may need office space from time to time to meet with clients or hold meetings, but they don’t have a need for this space every day. They will work mostly from their own offices, then set up shop in serviced office suites in different locations as needed. This would never be possible without these temporary office settings.

Most entrepreneurs will eventually grow and find themselves relying on serviced office space more and more. At some point, they may decide that they need to purchase real estate for an actual business, but for others, the more temporary rental spaces will be all they ever need for successful business practices.

Summing Up

Serviced Office Spaces – The Best Office Space Model

There is no one-fit-all office space model that works for all organizations and business types. In today’s business environment, the option that works best for a company is the one that reduces overhead, increases efficiency and creates the best work-life balance for its employees. Constantly evolving technology requires new strategies for businesses to keep up with market changes. For some, this would continue to mean old-style brick and mortar locations however with improved infrastructures. But, for many businesses, from small start-ups to larger, established firms, the serviced office space and likewise the virtual office environment and their many benefits out-weigh the negatives.

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