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Not So Common Five Office Metrics That Matters

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While pretty much every office inhabitant looks at price and square footage, metrics like amenity load, LEED rating and travel access are getting enough importance. Though looking at these fresh metrics while overlooking the classic ones can be a formula for a space that is available on paper, yet does not quite available in the real world. If you think the same way, you are absolutely wrong. Hence, in this blog we will be discussing five newer section of office metrics that you as a buyer or even tenant should still be thinking and asking about —- even if no one else is discussing them.

Glass Line

One of the hot trendy expressions in office space is “white or natural light”. Studies repeatedly proved that natural light improves employee health, concentration and productivity, it also lowers utility costs and helps in creating an open and cool vibe. Probably the most ideal approaches to gauge the potential accessibility of natural light is to get your space a glass line. The metric will reveal one of the most important attributes of the space you are thinking of investing into, which is – how many linear feet of this office space’s exterior has windows. For instance – a 50-foot by 50-foot space with 30-40 feet glass line will be quite dull while one with 90 to 100 feet will have two (nearly) full dividers of windows and light. Though, having a glass line in office spaces or commercial properties is not new and is an old-time office metrics yet people often don’t consider them while finalizing their property investments. An office space with sufficient glass line is considered the most dynamic one in current property scenario.

Parking Ratio

Keeping all the hullabaloo about daily public travel with walk, bike and car friendly work places, parking ratio may appear as though one of the most outdated office metrics out there. Nonetheless, a basic drive on most roads serving business parks or most office spaces at rush hour affirms one basic thing: a great many people in many urban areas mostly drive to work. Despite the fact that cab facilities, public transport and metro connectivity is improving on daily basis, making driving your own vehicle to workspace less necessary, people are still purchasing vehicles like – bikes, cars, SUVs and driving themselves to work. All things considered, search for an office space that provides the right parking ratio for your organization’s unique mix of driving styles.

Load Factor

The most basic thing about amenity laden properties is that the amenities they offer you are not FREE. Rather, they get incorporated with your space as the most basic part of the load factor. Defining load factor, it is how the property owner charges you for the common space that isn’t physically situated inside the walls of your space. In a property that caters to the load factor, the buyer pays for 5,600 square feet of space when actually you are only getting 5000 square feet of space to occupy. Hence, it makes sense knowing this metric for sure, since you will be paying money on hundreds of square feet area that you aren’t in fact utilizing.

Column Spacing

Column spaces are crucial to the industrial world, yet it is among most rarely talked about, reported and known metrics regarding a commercial property. In any case, in the event that you need to have a space that genuinely feels open, the less columns it has, the better appearance it will have. If you are an investor who wants to invest in a commercial property that is a perfect amalgamation of open and closed area, having less columns gives you greater accessibility, flexibility and adaptability concerning what, where and how you build and arrange.

CAM Charges

Though CAM charges does not cover under those rare office metrics that people seldom discuss, yet modern commercial office designs and amenities make them an important metric that must be discussed and covered in this blog. Normally, CAM charges include – repair and energy costs. Modern commercial and green building developers are putting every effort in constructing and providing better quality and enduring materials that also caters to reduced utility costs and higher energy efficiency. Thus, it is vital that you select a property based on its better management, which means better energy output and reduced utility costs that too while paying lower CAM charges.

These were a few not so commonly discussed office space metrics that should be on your priority list next time you go for office space shopping.

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