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Ingenious Utilization of Meeting Rooms

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Meeting rooms have an important role to play in the revenue of your co-working office space, which means you have to design and deal with these rooms in a manner that lines up with your vision for the business. With time, you need to follow and improve the utilization of these specially designed meeting rooms with the goal that you and other members of your co-working spaces achieve maximized value from the rooms.

Meeting Room Design

For the meeting rooms to have abundant tractability to manage multiple creative uses, it is vital to get the design RIGHT. It is important for the meeting rooms to put its occupants or users at ease, encourage conversation and inspire creativity. Hence, it is imperative that as an owner of a coworking space you design your meeting rooms by evaluating the needs of your coworking community.

Here is a small list of questions you must answer when designing your meeting rooms –

1. Does your coworking members need compact collaboration rooms or full size boardrooms?

2. How does your coworking community like to work – in small teams or large groups?

3. How important is privacy or noise control to the communal spaces and what solutions are available?

4. Are your meeting rooms aimed primarily at internal use or are they designed to be client-facing?

Convening outmoded meetings are not the only method to utilize these innovative meeting rooms, the coworking space providers can make use of these rooms to organize or host events, which are a good way of creating value for not only your business but also for your community members.

Let’s discuss a few quick ways to use these meeting rooms –

1. client meetings – It is extremely important and wise for your community members to call their clients for meeting in these meeting rooms, rather than having a professional meeting at a coffee shop or at a noisy working area. The meeting rooms are an excellent way of adding credibility to your business proposal, as the clients will be impressed by the professional and dedicated space to discuss business deals and issues in private.

2. Happy hour – Every one loves happy hour, so why not share or invite team members or community as a whole to the meeting rooms for some happy drinks and snacks. Besides strengthening the sense of networking, an easygoing party time enables individuals to slow down a bit while working hard in that monotonous day.

3. Meetups – Most reputed and functional co-working office spaces use their meeting rooms to organize and host meetups planned for bringing together freelancers, developers, tech professionals, community leaders and artists. Depending upon the room occupancy, it can be an event of a few members to people more than twenty.

4. Accountability Groups – Your coworking space lets community members share professional support. Accountability enhances that support by letting members keep each other accountable for ideas and projects. Meeting rooms are the perfect space for accountability check-ins.

5. Work Sprints – Meeting rooms are a viable space for work sprints when groups need to dugout to finish a task. The rooms expel colleagues and team members from their ordinary timetables, facilitate the close proximity and enhance cohesiveness much needed for that particular task at hand.

6. Art Exhibits – For a co-working space, it is a great thing to consider taking interest in First Fridays and community art walks to support artists meet and network within your community network. Helping artists in showcasing their work and gaining exposure will bring good feedback for your coworking space. You can organize such events in your meeting rooms and allow and invite your community members to peek in throughout the day.

7. Lunch and Learns – The idea is that community members leaving work behind during lunch hours share ideas among others. This is an informal way of bringing people together and letting anyone and everyone share their thoughts and ideas with rest of the people.

8. Bounce Hours – Another informal event wherein community members allow others to take a peek on what they are working on. The easiest and most common format available for this is where people from different projects talk about their projects and even ask for suggestions and help if needed.

9. Skill shares – Another motivating and learning experience is where community members, especially developers make use of meeting rooms for sharing and learning skills. One can think of skill-shares as a free tutoring session. This include anything and everything from a quick writing workshop to a coding lesson, history lesson to a sketching tip. These sessions could be as whimsical or technical as members like. As long as people available there are interested, it is one of the best ways to utilize your meeting room for a constructive purpose.

These were a few creative ways you can use your meeting rooms. If you like the ideas mentioned above or want to share your experience and ideas, do let us know in the comment section below.

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