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Importance of Occupancy Sensors and Office Automation System

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If you own an office, you know how employees can be, sometimes like kids forgetting to turn off lights, make coffee, or even turn on the security cameras before leaving work for the day. Instead of staying awake at night wondering if the person you put in charge remembered to turn off the coffee pot, turn off the lights, and turned on the security system, you can now invest in a commercial property that has already addressed such issues and have already invested resources in automation devices that will give you peace of mind.

With today’s technology, there are many ways you can automate your office or even ensure the coffee pot was turned off via the internet and security cameras. So many items today can be fully automated so you do not have to worry, chief among which is the lighting in your office. Installing occupancy sensors is a great way to cut down on energy costs but allow your employees the lighting they need when they actually need it. The sensor will turn on the lights as employees enter the room and after a few minutes of no activity in the room, the sensor will turn the lights off.

You can even install remote curtains or blinds that you use a remote-control device to operate. Instead of employees burning the expensive lights all day long, just open the curtains or blinds and let them have natural light and save on that electric bill. You can use the remote to close the curtains as well when the sun is reflecting on their computer screens making it hard for them to work. You can even have your coffee maker set to have a hot piping cup of coffee ready at any time of the day.

In an office setting, occupancy sensors are convenient, offer security, and save companies money. This may be hard to believe, but lighting your business can be forty percent of the energy you use on a daily basis. With the cost of energy going up every day, changing the manner in which you use lighting in your business can save you more money than you can imagine.

The real truth of the matter is if you have a photocopy room, a break room, or a storage room, employees will go in and turn on the lights, but as they leave forget to turn them off again. Now, you are paying for lights in that room while no one is using the room at all. These rooms may only be entered once or twice per day, but you are paying for the lights to be on the full workday.

Instead of paying for office lighting when there is no reason, you can invest with an office space that is either equipped with occupancy sensors or have the provision to install them for fulfilling your requirements. These gadgets were first created as security mechanisms but now have advanced to control inside lighting as well as heat and air in homes and business across the nation. These devices sense motion and turn on and off automatically on their own. As the gadget senses someone entering a room, the lighting will come on; when no activity is sensed after a few minutes, the lighting will turn off. This small endeavor can save your business and reduce wasted energy of around 40 percent.

Isn’t it time, you started saving money on the electricity bill and use the money more wisely in your business for such things as new office equipment or an office party for your employees?

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