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Contemplating – The Standing Desk

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With its birth in the marketplace, the standing desk was expected to revolutionize the productivity and health of desk job-based employees, a lot many years into the fashion yet adjudicators are still working on to find the actual extent of its health benefits. And keeping in mind that standing desks are predominant in shared workspaces, startups and incubators, they are taking more time to stream down into the more conventional office setting. With corporate offices putting efforts and resources in updating their design, technology, equipment to keep their employees engaged, productive and happy, standing desks are gaining popularity and acceptability. So, what’s the decree on this phenomenon of standing desks and would they be worth the investment?

Conceivable Health Benefits

Numerous researches have been done on the topic of standing desks, general mobility and the effects long hours of sitting cause the employees. To a great extent thought about a successful method to eliminate sedentary time at work, standing desks is the quickest method to burn more and more calories during the workday. Mere standing can burn approx. 0.7 calories/min more than sitting. You might underestimate this small number but it can be huge when you add this small number every minute and every day. Not to mention the advantages that it brings to your concentration, mood and productivity. Still not interested? Long hours of sitting have demonstrated increased risk of obesity, heart diseases and other serious complications.

Regardless of the above-mentioned benefits, researchers are still not convinced to conclude these benefits as universal benefits, as these advantages are person specific. For instance – standing 5 hours or more a day might exaggerate the vascular and joint issues or people with existing heart issues might face increased levels of problems.

Going One Step Further

Though most desk jobs nurture inactivity, whole day of standing might not be the solution towards a healthier way of life either. Similar to most things in life, education and moderation are the key components if you want to fuse standing desks into your every day schedule. Recent studies have revealed the fact that a desk which is adjustable is better than sitting desk or standing desk. Sitting throughout the day is unquestionably a no-no, yet standing throughout the day can incur significant damage too, affecting productivity, physical comforts and energy levels. Having the choice of both sit and stand during office period will allow employees to find and achieve their own optimal balance, based on ability and preference. But access to adjustable sit/stand desks may not be enough on its own.

A standing desk study performed in UK recommends that integrative support is the vital element to increase employee’s time of standing. The employees who received active support and intervention along with an adjustable sit/stand desk stood for about 50 minutes longer than employees who were given regular sit/stand desks with no support and education. An office atmosphere and culture that not only inspire physical activity but provide choices to be more active will by a huge margin considered best. Consolidate different activities and all-inclusive practices that are designed for development, such as- in-office yoga sessions or walking meetings. At the end of the day, including just the standing desks or even the adjustable desks won’t suffice the purpose of good health, to revolutionize the workspace landscape more movement should be included, which will improve creativity, mood and help in keeping serious health issues at an arm’s length. Yet, we would say that adjustable standing/sitting desks are a great first step.

Positioning the Standing Desk

In case you are planning to fuse standing desks and other types of active workstations into your workspace, it is imperative to keep in mind the flexibility factor. Ergonomic chairs and stands can advance better posture, keeping back problems under control when used in conjunction with the standing desks. Having available a variety of workstations – standing desks, multifunctional furniture, huddle rooms, meeting rooms, casual spaces for employee interaction and relaxation promotes comfort, flexibility, and mobility.

While new-age business parks are best known for offering design-forward office space design, concepts regarding what establishes a sound, and practical office setup can still be implemented into traditional workspaces. In a competitive job market, employee satisfaction is the top priority and companies pay top money to keep this up. Office hoteling and Hot desks are gaining popularity and with their reputation of being the cost-effective solutions, they have proved out to be most effective in encouraging collaboration, social interaction and physical activity among employees.

Standing desks are one among many important elements of perfected employee health, however, progressively unique office design and culture strengthens a healthier way of life even further.

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