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Working from Home? Take the Next Step with a Shared Office Space

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For fledgling entrepreneurs who are running their business from home (whether by themselves or with one or two other partners), there may come a time when the business will begin to outgrow its surroundings. Taking the next step, from working at home to a professional office environment, can be a big leap, especially if you’re unsure about whether your business can sustain its own office environment. Thankfully, there is an excellent option available for young businesses looking to take the next step from the home office; and that is shared office space.

Shared office space in Noida is pretty much what it says on the box – one or two workstations in a shared office environment. This means you’ll be sharing a large space with other fledgling businesses, who are most likely in the same position as you are.

Shared office space is usually offered by major serviced office operators and can offer many benefits to small businesses:

1. Cost effective– Using shared office space is very cost effective compared to having your own office because you are splitting the costs of the space with other businesses.

2. Professional Image – By basing yourself in a professional office environment, you’ll be able to project the right image for your company to clients and customers. A good professional image can also improve your chances of attracting staff when you are looking to expand.

3. Location– Using shared office space in a business centre means that you can base yourself right where the action is. You’ll be able to quickly and effectively meet with clients/suppliers or network with others in your industry.

4. Networking– Working in a shared environment can provide excellent opportunities to network, whether it’s with other companies in your shared space, or the building as a whole. Some operators will even host networking drinks for clients, so if this is important to your business it’s worth asking your operator if they provide this.

5. Flexibility – One of the great advantages of using shared office space in a business centre is that it easily allows you to expand your business when you need to. So, when the time comes for your company to take on more staff, you’ll easily be able to move into your own office in the same building.

6. Meeting rooms and lounges– A majority of business centres come with dedicated meeting rooms and breakout spaces, so you’ll be able to hold meetings of all sizes rather than settling for a cramped coffee shop!

7. Technology– Because it’s provided by the operator, you won’t have to worry about things like IT and telephony as they are all provided.

8. Shared office spaces in business parks – It is important to have an office space with close proximity to fun and relaxing elements, like – yoga centers or gymnasium, regular or rooftop restaurant, shopping outlets and seating arrangements for relaxation of body and mind. As proved time and again, it is important to have these elements close by, as it makes easy for the employees, employer and clients to enjoy while working, while having lunch or while offering wine and dine services to the clients. Having a little break from work will rejuvenate your mind and body and will improve the overall efficiency.

These workplaces are available now. Often referred to as business or executive centres, they have chosen to support business owners and companies who are in need of a full-time office but are looking to share common resources to save money. Providing a flexible menu of options for clients needing meeting spaces, a mailing address, telephone support, or a full-time office. The client determines the level of service, and has the flexibility to add services and space or downsize to meet the changing demands of their business.

The greatest thing about shared office space is that it is the perfect stepping stone and a transition stage from working at home to running your own office. The flexible terms mean that you can expand your business, but only when you’re ready. In addition to this, it’s also fairly low risk, so if things don’t work out, you can go back to working at home if necessary – which is a better prospect than being stuck with a long term office lease.

Let us know your take on occupying a shared office space and growing your business from home to a thoroughly professional environment.

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