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Office Spaces in Noida – Future Social Hubs for Engagement and Collaboration

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For ages, the conventional office spaces have been created to deal with the necessities of corporate occupiers – which typically include – efficient utilization of space, saving cost, productivity and flexibility. The growth of office spaces goes from – cabins to array of workstations to cubicles and finally to an open floor layout. In spite of all this going, the technology and business requirements were also playing their part and forced workplaces to act like a business opportunity and not mere a design challenge. The word ’office’ is losing its charm and the place and concept is moving into its next phase of life, which is a purpose driven physical space with the chief focus remain on creating the most favorable condition for the employees, so that they can focus and attain their business goals.

Acclimatizing the working environment to ‘WORK’

With the innovation economy started coming to fruition and connectivity justified that work no longer needed a desk to be done, organizations understood the need to drive flexibility and mobility in the built environ. Networking and collaboration to conceive new ideas, solutions and products are vital to pilot new business, entice and maintain talent as well as improve profitability. Activity based functioning has slowly but steadily becoming the norm and employees do not have designated workstations. According to the industry leaders, by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be represented by the Millennials, which means not only the workstations but whole of the workplace will be created as per employee preferences.

Development of the hospitality outlook

The hospitality architype understands that the pressures and struggles of life affect the productivity of the employees and showering employees with services and amenities will help them in retaining their focus on high priority business tasks. Onsite food and beverage outlets, gym and fitness areas, transport, concierge services, mother’s room, nap pods, efficient car parking, play areas and child care areas are no longer luxuries for the business owners but are vital for every employee and make today’s workplaces efficient, appealing and ‘sticky’. Technology titans are burning huge amounts to create workspaces loaded with facilities, whereas the smaller organizations are hiring places with such infrastructures.

In order to hire and retain the best talents, organizations apprehended the need to offer work environs that exhibit their culture and shaped a sense of identity. Office space designs are espousing elements of hospitality that aim at social engagement and client experience to create drive and delight innovation. These visual and architectural elements are driving a big change, driving employees to accept shared spaces with open arms. Organizations are also appreciating the benefits, which are – reduced absenteeism, higher productivity and reduced employee turnover through healthy work environment achieved by the use of indoor plants, natural light, strategic use of water and colors, etc., which are again inspired by the hospitality design.

Redefining adaptable workspaces

While the idea of flexible workspaces has been around for several decades and we have been working in various business centers that preach these ideas, the new age start-up revolution were the first ones who put workplace flexibility on top priority among other business prerequisites. Further than providing employees with room scheduling and providing workstations as and when required, flexible workspace providers broke away traditional property practices and kept their focus on providing workplace-as-a-service membership model.

Though large organizations can afford such campuses for their employees, the focus of flexible workspace providers is to offer these amenities for every occupier, irrespective of scale.

The ‘office-space’ of the future

With artificial intelligence and data analytics offering greater understandings on productivity, occupancy, sustainability, diet preferences, fitness, etc., the format and design of office space will constantly make distance from the conventional office and move towards an optimistic social hub for engagement and collaboration, with the choice of work and play anytime, anywhere. Buy office space in Noida that are closely assimilated with retail clubbing, entertainment spaces, hospitality, making a unified ecosystem that is adaptable, flexible and interchangeable. The emerging developers of today are challenging the old concept of workplace and are working towards achieving new and updated commercial real estate business models.

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