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Looking for commercial office space? The Ultimate 5-step Guide

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Commercial real estate business is having a huge prospect these days. Hence people often think of buying commercial properties either to lease out or to put at rents. Now question comes what are the things to be done before going to buy such commercial spaces for office purposes? Here is the answer to all such questions which is suggesting to consider the following 5 steps that will act as a guide for this kind of a purpose.


The first thing that should be done while buying a commercial office space is to discuss with the peers who have already done such investments and get their suggested advice so that the process becomes mostly hassle free with the utilization of other people’s experiences.


It must be kept in mind that while going for rents one must cross check which of the areas are being priced like the ones which are common areas like that of lobby, elevator, rest room, hallways etc. or the exclusively used spaces only. Then if there is any problem with the space is the property manager on site is close enough to be contacted in order to solve the problem. Moreover, the site features of the different properties vary so much that often it becomes difficult to keep a track of them. Therefore, a check list for all these purposes are to be maintained for a proper analysis of the same.


When one is buying a commercial property leasing an office space by oneself is somehow not recommended. It is because that the process of finding and analyzing the various spaces can be very cumbersome as well as unnecessarily time consuming. Even if one finds his ideal space still there is the requirement of somebody who can do the negotiation and bargaining on the person’s behalf.


Before a person’s lease expires, at least 6 months ahead one must start finding an official space for commercial purpose. It is because one must not be hurrying while taking such an important decision for which one might require to regret later on. Actually, the reason is that sometimes such issues consume a lot of time and being at a rush can turn detrimental in terms of the fulfillment of the purpose.


It is mandatory to calculate the space before going for lease or rent. This is very simple as less of space might not serve the purpose at all while the opposite of which can be financially disastrous in end. Thus, one must be very careful about this by analyzing the facts like the number of employees would work, the amount of space to be provided to each one of them, in this aspect again one must remember that all the staffs might not require the same amount of space as it will be dependent on the functions served by each one of them.

Therefore, at the end I would like to conclude by stating that keeping all these points of consideration in mind, one can invest in Anthurium, the current upcoming project in sector-73, Noida, which is offering commercial office spaces in Noida for sale along with digital and virtual offices for the benefit of the investors to the fullest. Being at the heart of the city Noida, Anthurium is providing maximum returns along with multiple facilities like pollution free green buildings along with good eating outlets for the refreshment of all the employees. Moreover, the location itself is an added advantage since it keeps on pulling a lot many numbers of people in the area being near to the schools, hospital and metro station as well.

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