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A Customer Centric Futuristic guide to Retail Space in Noida

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Spaces with bricks and mortar are an indispensable part of today and the next generation of retail, and these spaces have the capacity to play a fresh, multi-faceted and important role in the life of people. People are fond of shopping and for that they need places. The retail places of today are assimilating shopping with entertainment, dining and many of such activities to allow their customers more than just a shopping experience.

Here are some of the significant points to consider for the present and next generation of real estate company in noida

Family recreation centers are not just for Children – Simply consider, theme parks and great movie screens that offer entertainment which can be cherished by both children and adults alike. Family recreation centers are more than places to stash children into while adults are busy shopping. The most innovative and successful spaces today offer fun and shared moments for the whole family and by whole family we mean – grandparents, parents, single parents and siblings of all ages.

The downfall of unidimensional consumerism – The retailer’s thought process towards the people entering a mall or any other retail space (physical or virtual) will unavoidably influence the designing of their brand. In today’s shopper-shopkeeper relationship, shoppers enjoy more power, they expect individual attention and the experience and anticipate more from a retail space than just products and discounts. This is simply a change in perspective and this calls for a change in how today’s retail spaces be created and designed. The layout of space changes as we get ahead of the floors of boxed-in shops to progressive open spaces with more functionality and authenticity.

Shopping is social – Human beings are social animals and as such they need places for recreation, places where they can spend quality time with their loved ones. In today’s busy world – both shopping and exploring a shop is social activities and the experiences of these places not only remain till the counter but are carried across places through social media. People come to places to cherish some great moments with a group and for them to select a particular place, the developers should consider what they can offer that matches their group activities and rituals. Having a space filled with shops will not do the trick – people need space to just be with their preferred ones. Keep aside the seller-buyer relationship and be a provider of a space that can allow them to create memories.

The Fusion Space – Expedite the abbreviations: AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) – growing with technology means you are a part and a big contributor of the game-changing retail industry. As these technological upgrades continue to add value to leisure time, it is important to add different physical and non-digital experiences to the retail spaces. In order to incorporate the right technology, initiate the study by considering who visits and what suits their social out-of-home experience. To achieve the best results from technology, it is important to put people ahead of gadgets. You can’t expect a one-size-fits-all solution-in-a-box for achieving one-of-a-kind retail space. For achieving a space that is truly experiential – all you need to do is design the complete customer journey from entering to the exit of the space, with putting the customer and not the products as the focal point.

The Consumer’s Resource Investment – For the Retail space industry leaders who identify how the world and their customers are evolving, pool of opportunities is waiting for them. Retail spaces are evolving because the consumer of today is evolving; sometimes with a change in value and expectation system and sometimes driven by technology. When you expect a customer to visit your retail space, you are actually asking for two most important resources from them – Time and Money. If your space fails to deliver in exchange for these two resources, rest assured that they won’t return to your place or even endorse it either. Hence, make sure your place is one of those that deliver beyond expectations.

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