Commercial Property for sale in Noida

Why it’s the best time to buy commercial property

January 30, 2019

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People who are considering the property investment, the commercial sector is a better choice than residential at present. Given the overflow in the commercial property, costs are presently at a reduced level than residential property. Noida has the maximum concentration of under-construction properties with around 33% of the whole value. With a changed sense of self-confidence among new business owners in the industry, it’s expected that there will be a lot more demand for commercial property in the future.

Thus, buying commercial property in a prime location is a great option. You will find properties at lower prices than housing projects and earn higher rental income. So you will get better opportunities for both regular income and capital appreciation.

Here we talk about some points that prove commercial property investment is the best option today.

Entrepreneurship culture

The commercial sector is going to be benefited from the growing numbers of new companies, getting registered every year. These firms are not just international businesses but many Indian enterprises that are showing continuous growth. Since businesspersons are no longer reliant on just overseas companies to invest and expand their enterprises, there is a huge demand for commercial space in many Tier-1 cities.

Not only business owners, even experts including doctors, but lawyers and CAs also need office spaces. To fulfill the needs of this category, developers are constructing some smaller units or parting their present building into smaller parts. Thus if you don’t have a good budget, you can look for the smaller office space options, which you can give on lease later.

Fair evaluation

If you see the assessments of both commercial property and residential real estate, the latter has had its good run. According to a report, the regular capital worth in the commercial property sector in India is yet 25% lesser than their latest peaks perceived in 2008. Conversely, capital values in the housing segment had exceeded their earlier peak by 2011.

Seeing that capital values and commercial rentals have bottomed out significantly in several key cities in India in the last few years, the commercial property is seen with huge investor interest. The commercial property is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to get regular monthly profits or utilize the space for his business set up.

Higher and better yields

While yields from housing options are between 3 to 4%, commercial properties are offering higher yields of around 8%. Yields in the commercial sector are always higher than residential properties. In case you are looking forward to availing a good rental profit to aid your passive income and attain capital tax exemption, then the commercial property is the ideal option.

Anthurium is growing its acceptance as the best commercial property for sale in Noida. Located in prime location in Noida, the commercial property guarantees a fixed considerable amount of return every month. The distinctive architectural design of the property is the result of professional engineering services. This is also the reason why a sense of well-being spread across rooms are enlivened by abundant natural light and fresh air. The main center of attraction of Anthurium is its good design and eco-friendly commercial space.

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