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7 Factors by which Anthurium Can Help Business Generate More Profits

January 03, 2019

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In this present era of technology evolution for commercial spaces, major trends define the growth of networking technology that turns a building into a smart and intelligent commercial space that include cybersecurity, workplace efficiency, and mobility. These buildings have some of the most advanced technology deployed such as digital infrastructure and highly advanced security systems. With cutting-edge technology, the commercial building provides hi-tech smart offices to allow businesses to generate more profits. Anthurium is such a commercial space, offering the perfect combination of workspace and technology to businesses for better growth and success.

Features that make Anthurium the ideal choice for a business

Commercial space with eco-friendly infrastructure

With a Platinum rated Green Building with Bee and Griha and a Bionic Bioclimatic Architecture, the commercial building balances the atmosphere. It is also designed with a benign environment using minimal energy. Also, it follows the level 5 BMS guidelines to manage all electrical and mechanical equipment inside the building that includes fire systems, lighting, ventilation, security, and power system.

AI-ready office spaces

Anthurium is designed with high-class AI ready office spaces, allowing individuals to customize their space as per their business needs. This next-gen commercial building is ideal for multi-national companies, BPO, KPO, and corporates.

Co-Working Spaces

Co-working is the newest concept and an exclusive working method in which individuals from different backgrounds and organizations, all work at one place. Anthurium, with the best working environment and comprehensive support, offers coworking space for everyone including freelancers, start-up owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

The best in the class security system

Every business looks for the commercial space which is advanced in every manner, especially security. Anthurium Business Park has a highly advanced security system, as per the IHAs standard with the excellent CCTV and surveillance system, giving you the most protected work environment for your staff.

An ideal combination of business and joy

This commercial office space in Noida offers the perfect combination of work and pleasure by allowing people to get hassle-free access to premium retail shops, exclusive Sky lounge, cafeteria and other common areas in the building. Anthurium IT Business Park provides an excellent environment for you to catch up with your friends and loved ones, work in high-tech offices and shop from reputed brands.

The other classes such as B, C, and D are categorized by a less popular location, less attractive features like an older building, poor construction and other factors which are not appealing for buyers.

Business and Convention Center

A well-equipped Business and Convention Center at Anthurium ensures that you find an ideal space to organize various events related to business activities. It’s a great space for workshops like business coaching, life coaching, essential skills such as digital marketing training.

Yoga, Spa, Fitness and Rejuvenation Centre

Not just for business growth and productivity but Anthurium promotes a healthy lifestyle by allowing you to access fitness, spa, yoga, and rejuvenation center. Anthurium allows your staffs to relax their body and mind after a hectic day at work, delivering work-life harmony to them.

Anthurium Business Park Noida provides high tech offices with top interiors to aid businesses to work effectively. Also, the premise has a health club, yoga, fitness and spa centers allowing people to find an excellent work-life balance. To employees and visitors, Anthurium also gives an ideal environment for recreational and fitness activities. This commercial space is expected to be in the list of highly appreciated business places in Noida.

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